Maungawera Lodge, Wanaka Accommodation

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About us

Maungawera Lodge is a beautiful, large country home, located close to Wanaka. Rustic, with a laid-back atmosphere that embraces its hunting heritage and rural location, The Lodge provides the idyllic, luxurious and laid-back break from city life! 

Bring your skis, your snowboard, your walking boots, your mountain bike, your bow or rifle and enjoy everything Central Otago has to offer. At the end of the day, relax and unwind by the fire, in the hot pool or pool, and watch the sun set over the Southern Alps, after a delicious homecooked meal, a glass, or two, of local wine, or a craft beer!

Your host, Rach: born to be wild!

Your host Rachel has lived rurally her whole life. Tourism and hunting are not just her passion, they are ingrained within! Growing up Rachel’s home was always full of her parents’ clients, whether they were there for a hunting tour or just to enjoy South Island New Zealand and the expansive farm Rachel and her siblings grew up on!

It is no surprise then that Rachel is more than just a great host – she is a lively and passionate person whose love of the outdoors and entertaining will not go unnoticed!

Rachel’s parents’ hunting touring business, Leithen Valley Hunts, began following the deer wars in the South Island, that were driven by the high price of venison at the time. The family banned helicopters from their property, a farm started by Rachel’s grandfather when he returned from the war. This in turn created a sanctuary for deer, which led to the beginning of their hunting business in the 1980’s, starting with just one or two hunters visiting each year.

Once she was old enough to leave home, Rachel spent many years working in the tourism industry around the world, from ski fields to hunting camps! Back in New Zealand, Rachel worked in the family hunting business and off season for Active NZ – cooking and guiding tours including hiking, mountain biking and hunting tours.

But the outdoors isn’t the only thing Rachel loves. She is also a single mum with two very active boys who, like Rachel, love to share their home. Rachel also loves to cook. Having grown up living off the land and learning everything from her mum, she provides organic, fresh, flavoursome and wholesome meals – the perfect end to a day spent in the fresh, alpine air.